The Wood-Ageing Agents

21st Aug 2017


Here at Peak Oak we have a range of oak floor finishing products available to suit a number of requirements, with our Hard Waxoil ranges perhaps being the most popular. Further to the standard "clear" finishes, the hard wax oils are available in a number of colour stains. For those looking for the unfinished look, we have products such as the Blanchon Original Wood Environment available. For an aged look, we now have a number of new Wood Ageing Agents available.

The Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent is designed to easily give new wood an aged or weathered appearance. This product will provide a "patina" finish which highlights the woods natural grain. Wood-Ageing Agent is currently available in 10 finishes; Old Pine, Alpine Beige, Sunset, Wenge, Ash Grey, Distressed Oak, Golden Dream, Silver, Platinum and Linen Grey. All of these can be mixed together to easily obtain pure, pastel or to "match" colours.

Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent Swatch

The Blanchon Grey Wood Reactive is designed for use on woods with high tannin content (oak, sweet, chestnut, etc.) This particular product will give your woodwork an authentic ageing effect - an appearance of slightly ashen old floors.

Blanchon Tanned Wood Reactive is a reactive and odourless stain again intended for use on parquets, floors and stairs made of tannin wood. This product will leave your wood with a sheen and contrast to the grain of the wood. New oak will be provided with a refined uniform down colouring (dependant on the different tannin content of the boards). Providing a traditional smoked wood look, the Blanchon Tanned Wood Reactive provides a look that is reminiscent of the cafe’s of the olden days.

Last but not least comes the Blanchon White Patina - a decorative stain, designed to give a lime washed effect on hard wood species with a distinct graining. White Patina will bleach and emphasise the graining by highlighting the wood graining (including non-brushed wood).


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