Blanchon Primer Prim'Oil

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The Blanchon Prim’Oil is a multi-purpose primer (based on synthetic resins) that has been specially designed to be applied on "difficult" wood - such as iron, merbau, ipe and teak. These exotic woods, and certain European resinous woods (such as olive) have a pronounced drying retardant character which can delay the drying time of an oil. This can cause surface defects, uneven appearance etc. Application of the Prim’Oil will prevent this delay from affecting to the oil.

Prim’Oil does not block the pores of the wood and also increases the dust protection of the oil (or Hardwax Oil) applied on top.

With a quick drying time, the Prim’Oil provides a colourless finish which is invisible after application of the oil.

Prim’Oil is also recommended for use on wood floors with "ship deck" joints - it can be coated with any Blanchon oils.

The Blanchon Prim’Oil should only be used internally on parquets, wood floors, cross-grained wood flooring and interior woodwork before oiling. The oil is not suitable for exterior applications.

Technical Data Sheet PDF


10m2 per litre per coat


Begin by sanding old or new flooring to bare wood with 24 or 36 grit paper, then with grade 50 or 60 and finish with a worn grade 80, 100 or 120 (see technical data sheet for details on how to sand wood flooring).

Any gap fillings (holes, cracks) should be done using Blanchon Resin Filler, or Blanchon Odourless Multi-Purpose wood filler before final sanding.

All traces of dust should be removed carefully, with the wood floor perfectly clean and dry with (in general) a moisture content of less than 10%.

Detergents and whiteners should not be used. Ant oils that have come from exotic woods should be removed with acetone.

Blanchon Prim’Oil should be applied neat. Shake the product thoroughly before use. Do not apply to a wood floor with a temperature below 12°C. Use only in well ventilated areas - away from plants and aquariums.

Apply Prim’Oil with a brush, graining brush or short hair roller in one generous, even coat.

Under normal conditions, Prim’Oil should dry in 45 minutes. If necessary, lightly rub down with a very fine sandpaper. Then carefully remove all traces of dust.

Finally apply the desired oil.

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