Green Oak Beams

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Green oak is a term commonly used in the wood flooring industry, but one that is often misunderstood.

Essentially, green oak is timber milled from recently felled trees where the moisture content in the living wood is still present in the timber's cells.

As green oak dries out, it cracks and changes colour, giving the familiar style seen in oak framed buildings around the country.

The high moisture content of green oak is often favoured by craftsmen as it is much easier to work because of its softer nature. Older oak, or oak which has been dried, is generally much harder, and therefore much more difficult to work. Green oak can therefore be cut into much more complex shapes and structures than air dried or kiln dried oak.

Although green oak starts out softer than dried oak, as the timber frame dries out it shrinks, resulting in the joints tightening up which, in turn, will make the frame more structurally sound.

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