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The Proflex Fastrack DPM is designed to revolutionise the moisture-sealing of floors in the preparation for wood flooring. It is effective against classic rising damp and residual construction moisture.

The Fastrack DPM provides a welcome replacement to often hazardous two-part systems. It is a water-based, single component system that can be applied quickly and easily using a standard roller and tray.

A single 0.2mm coat will provide a highly-effective moisture and vapour suppressant. Normally ready for laying onto within 30 minutes of application, it will change from blue to a clear film when dry.


Approximately 5 metres per litre provides the necessary 0.2mm film thickness

Technical Data

Drying Time: Typically 30 minutes, depending on the subfloor and environment

Shelf Time: 12 months in dry conditions


As the Proflex Fastrack is a single component, no mixing is required; however it is recommended that the product is stirred before use.

Subfloor preparation is of key importance. The surface should be free of oil, greases, weak material, laitance and other contaminates, and should be either vac or swept clean. Sound stable subfloor construction is essential.

The substrate should have a surface pull-off strength of >1.5N/mm.

The product is applied using a medium-pile roller and coverage rates of approximately 5m2 per litre (ie 0.2mm wet film) should be applied.

The number of coats required will depend upon site conditions and porosity.

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