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Blanchon Solid'Oil is a one coat hard wax oil designed to impregnate all interior wood floors. The oil will stain and protect wood floors and wood in general in a single operation. Upon contact Solid'Oil creates an interactive bond with the wood, which nourishes and preserves it.

The exceptional build of High Solid makes it quick and easy to use. Although supplied ready to use as it is, a special hardener can be added (20%) to speed up the drying process and/or be applied on wood floors subject to heavy use.

Blanchon Solid'Oil gives a warmth to wood floors and the traditional matt look of oiled floors. The unique formula of Solid'Oil, which creates an interactive mesh with the wood fibres, impregnates in depth, nourishes and protects the floor against dust and humidity.

Solid'Oil is suitable for all European woods and most exotic woods (on anti-siccative woods such as ipe and iroko - consult Application). The high concentration of Solid'Oil enables it to impregnate most hardwoods with a single coat. On soft or very absorbent woods, a second coat is recommended.

With the Natural version of Solid'Oil, 100% of the product applied nourishes and protects the wood. This optimum protection is possible due to the synergy of 3 vegetable oils. Natural will give the wood a delightful warm appearance.

Blanchon Solid'Oil is also available in 9 basic colours: Snow, White Grey, Pearl, Old Castle, Anthracite, Old Oak, Antic, Black and Metallic Grey. These can be combined for form an infinite variety of shades, from natural to deep black, with many wood tones and a wide range of greys between.

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35m2 per litre per coat


Sand a new or old wood floor until smooth. The wood to be impregnated must be sanded back (24 or 26 grain), refined with 50 or 60 grain, then finished with 100 or 120 grain. Brushed woods will produce more intense shades than smooth woods.

Blanchon Solid'Oil is ready to use and must not be diluted. To optimise drying and durability, a 20% hardener to 100% Solid’Oil can be added. Preservation time of the mixture: 1 hr 30 mins. It is highly recommended that you use the Natural version with the hardener.

Shake the container well before use.

The wood floor should not be impregnated when the temperature is below 12°C. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Plants and aquariums should not be left in contact with solvent vapours.

Apply one coat of Solid'Oil using a brush, roller (short-haired) or spatula, in the direct of the wood. Using the spatula is recommended for the natural version.

Buff slowly with a buffing machine fitted with a beige pad. This will make the applied coat uniform and enable you to obtain definitive colour and appearance of your wood floor.

After finishing the work, an overall rapid buffing of the entire area (floor cleaning machine, new beige pad) will enable you to achieve a perfect finish.

Solid'Oil is compatible with industrial roller coaters.

On exotic woods, oily woods or wood flooring with coat deck joints, apply one coat of Prim’Oil to prevent extended drying times, which are inherent to these types of wood. Then apply Solid’Oil.

On very absorbent woods, a second coat may be applied the following day using the same method.

Approximately 4 hours should be left for dust-free drying - approx. 6 hours for Natural.


The oiled surface should be regularly dusted using a broom or vacuum cleaner.

The occasional mark or stain can be removed using a neutral detergent (well-wrung cloth or mop and never dripping)

At least 15 days should be left for the first intervention, so that the Solid'Oil has time to thoroughly dry.

Routine Cleaning

Damp wiping with Blanchon Natural Soap For Oiled Wood Floors, diluted at a ratio of 50 ml to 5 litres of water. Blanchon Lagoon can also be used for daily cleaning.

Work on successive areas, regularly rinsing the microfibre mop or other equipment used. To avoid making the floor too wet, the equipment should be regularly wrung out.

Regular Maintenance

Blanchon Maintenance Oil can be applied onto a dust-free and clean oiled wood floor. Wipe with a clean and dry cotton cloth to obtain a buffed matt finish. Choose the Maintenance Oil shade that corresponds to the shade of Solid’Oil.

This operation can be made easier and faster by using a cleaning machine with a beige pad (if the floor is very dirty, a red pad can be used to strengthen the mechanical cleaning).

This process can be done whenever the oiled floor loses its matt finish.

For wooden floors that are subject to heavy use, regular maintenance can be complimented by applying a general coat of Solid'Oil; followed up with a thorough buffing by hand or machine.

The more regular and frequent the maintenance, the easier it becomes.


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