Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil

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Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil is very much a technical innovation in the maintenance of oiled floors.

This maintenance oil protects and regenerates all surfaces that have been coated with Blanchon oils, as well as maintenance of wood floors which have been oiled by the producer. This flexibility makes it perfect for maintaining your oak flooring, regardless of the oiled finish.

Universal Maintenance Oil is a quick drying, odourless formula, which is applied with ease. Rooms are ready to use almost immediately: after 20 minutes.

The Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil is available in a 0.5 litre spray bottle and a 1 litre can.

Technical Data Sheet PDF


40 m2 per litre per coat


Universal Maintenance Oil should be applied onto clean and dry surfaces.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the surface, using either the Blanchon Soap or Blanchon Lagoon. Minor scratches visible on the surface can be removed with fine sandpaper.

The Universal Maintenance Oil should be used when the floor impregnated with the original oil loses its natural gloss (shows signs of normal wear and tear).

Shake the oil well before and during use.

Apply a thin layer of the Universal Maintenance Oil with a microfibre mop on a clean and dry floor covered with oil. When using a spray bottle, spray the preparation directly onto the surface, and wipe with a microbfibre cloth immediately.

The oil will set quickly, meaning its prolonged application to the surface is unnecessary.

Allow around 15-20 minutes for the surface to dry.


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