Engineered Prime Grade

Our Price
from £62.00+VAT per square metre (£74.40)
Tongue & Groove
All Sides (End Matched)
Micro-bevelled (Long Sides)
European Oak
  • Construction
    • 6mm Solid Oak Wear Layer
    • 15mm Siberian Birch Plyboard
  • Thickness
    • 20mm
  • Minimum Length
    • 2000mm
  • Available Widths
    • 140mm£62.00+VAT
    • 160mm£64.00+VAT
    • 180mm£66.00+VAT
    • 200mm£72.00+VAT
    • 220mm£74.00+VAT
    • 240mm£78.00+VAT
    • 300mm£105.00+VAT

Prime grade engineered oak flooring is the cleanest grade available from an engineered oak board.

Like all of our flooring, we hand select the boards which make up a batch of prime engineered oak - buying oak flooring from us is not a "lucky dip" affair. If a board isn't up to our standard, it won't make it into our prime grade stock! Boards are only allowed to have the absolute minimum in terms of knots and colour variation.

Prime grade flooring is reserved for those very special rooms or spaces where nothing less than perfection will do.

When you bear in mind that the price of perfection is equivalent to a good quality wool carpet (which stains easily and can harbour allergens), we think there's no comparison - remember, an engineered floor can be laid over underfloor heating too!

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