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The Soudal WBPR-21P Deep Primer, is a solvent free, surface strengthening sealer and primer.

WBPR-21P is a water-born sealant for preliminary treatment of sandy or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors such as cement bounded subfloors, concrete, calcium-sulphate bounded (anhydrite)- and levelled subfloors. Designed only for indoor use.

The Soudal WBPR-21P Deep Primer is also suitable for the preliminary treatment of sandy or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors in conjunction with Soudal VE-50.

The primer dries through water evaporation. Very fine particles make up the sealer, which along with its very low viscosity, give it a much higher penetrating capacity as other primers.

Penetrating completely in the subfloor, this results in a higher cohesive strength of the subfloor. The sealer also binds dust. Being completely penetrable in the subfloor, the sealer is barely perceptible.

Typically the deep sealer will be applied on sandy or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors (such as renovations) to make them more stable for further treatment.

Technical Data Sheet


The subfloor should be even, dry, smooth and free from irregularities and cracks. Any remnants of old adhesives will affect the penetration and must be removed mechanically. Calcium-Sulphate bounded (anhydrite) subfloors should be sanded and vacuum cleaned prior to applying the sealer.

The Souldal WBPR-21P Deep Sealer should not be applied onto Magnesite subfloors.

Before applying, acclimatise the sealer to room temperature. Shake or stir well before use.

Apply the deep sealer, undiluted from a bucket, to the subfloor - using either a paint roller or a brush. The primer should not be poured directly onto the subfloor - this may cause puddles.

For very porous and highly absorbing subfloors, a second layer of sealer is recommended. This second layer should not be applied until the first layer has dried completely. Equally the deep sealer should be allowed to dry completely prior to further activities to the subfloor. Not allowing for proper drying, will have adverse affects on the final result.

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