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The Blanchon S.O. Primer is a one-component primer for wood floors, designed to use under the following Blanchon wood floor lacquers: Belmont, Intensiv, Performer, Blumor SD, Sport, Chambord SD, Initial, Polysolid, Poly Plus or VP P.U. S.O. Primer is also recommended for use on wood floors prior to waxing.

Before application of a water-based lacquer, the S.O. Primer is also recommended for fixing the Blanchon Waterborne Dye and Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent.

Blanchon S.O. Primer ensures wood floor lacquers adhere to tropical wood types (consult for rare types of wood).

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10m2 per litre pet coat


Old or new wood flooring should be sanded to obtain a smooth, even surface. Sand bare wood with 24 or 36 grit, then with 50 or 60 grit and finish with 100 or 120.

Remove all traces of dust.

The wood floor must be perfectly clean and dry. As a general rule, the moisture content of the wood should be below 10%.

Wood floors sanded back to bare wood can be stained using the Blanchon Waterborne Dye or Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent (positive shades).

The S.O Primer is recommended to fix the Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent or Blanchon Waterborne Dye prior to applying a water-based lacquer or Blanchon Original Wood Environment.

Supplied ready to use, stir thoroughly before use (do not dilute).

Using only in well ventilated areas, do not apply to the wood floor if the temperature is lower than 12°C or if the relative humidity is higher than 85%. Do not use on wood with a moisture content above 10%.

Apply with a wide brush, short-haired roller or spray gun in one generous, even coat. The S.O. Primer may also be applied with a smooth trowel (in this case, two coats applied in a cross-hatch method are necessary). Do not apply with a trowel on beech, cherry or maple.

S.O Primer is applied in a single coat, directly onto the wood (if necessary stained and/or treated beforehand). The primer can be sanded and recoated with the desired lacquer after 45 minutes.

Once the first coat is dry, light sanding is recommended with a buffing machine (sanding disc). Remove all traces of dust.

Do not wait more than 48 hours between coats.

Dust free drying is typically 20-30 minutes in normal conditions.

At least 45 minutes should be allowed before sanding/recoating.

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