Engineered Chateau Grade

Our Price
from £55.00+VAT per square metre (£66.00)
Unfinished, Unfilled, Fumed
Tongue & Groove
All Sides (End Matched)
Micro-bevelled (Long Sides)
European Oak
  • Construction
    • 6mm Solid Oak Wear Layer
    • 15mm Siberian Birch Plyboard
  • Thickness
    • 20mm
  • Minimum Length
    • 2000mm
  • Available Widths
    • 160mm£55.00+VAT
    • 200mm£59.00+VAT

The Engineered Chateau Grade is a fumed engineered oak flooring board. The fuming process involves darkening the wood from its natural unfinished colour. This brings out the pattern of the grain, emphasising the oaks natural characteristics, creating a truly striking effect.

Fumed oak flooring is achieved by inserting the oak planks into a sealed chamber, where the atmosphere is then filled with ammonia. It is the presence of this ammonia which creates the smoked oak effect. How long the oak flooring is left inside the container exposed to the ammonia will determine the severity of darkening - for the Chateau grade, we heavily fume the boards.

Being a natural product, the fuming process can create a wide colour variation, depending on how the timber reacts. Applying an oiled finish once the boards have been laid will enrich the characteristics of fuming either further. In our images above, we have applied a Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Natural Satin.

In terms of grading, these boards are graded to our character grade oak flooring - featuring a combination of knots, cracks, shakes and areas of perfectly grained oak. Likewise the Chateau Engineered Oak Flooring consists of 14mm of Siberian birch ply with a 6mm European solid oak top layer.

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