Spax Wood Flooring Screws

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Fitting solid oak flooring has always been a skilled and time consuming job.

These days, screwing through the floor board tongue is the preferred method, which usually means drilling pilot holes to prevent splitting the wood with the screws.

Thankfully, those days are over.

These fabulous screws from Spax are designed specifically for fitting solid wood flooring.


It will take you half the time to lay each board as no pre-drilling is required.

You won't split the wood as the screw goes in - the CUT narrow head means you can even pause with the screw half way in!

Your screwdriver's batteries will last longer as the screw countersinks with minimum pressure.

You won't have to wait for the screw to "bite" - its ground serrations grip immediately.

Every box of screws comes with a dedicated bit for your drill or screwdriver.


Dimensions 3.5 x 35mm / 3.5 x 45 mm / 3.5 x 55 mm

T-STAR plus T10 torque transfer

Narrow head

Flat head with ribs underneath

Partial thread

CUT point

WIROX Coating

500 pcs per packing unit

Screwdriver bit included

Spax Screws 3.5 x 35mm
SPAX-No. 35703503203011
EAN 4003530246944
Thread Length 20mm
Blade Size T10
Head Diameter 6mm
Total Length 35mm
Spax Screws 3.5 x 45mm
SPAX-No. 35703503201011
EAN 4003530246951
Thread Length 28mm
Blade Size T10
Head Diameter 6mm
Total Length 45mm
Spax Screws 3.5 x 55mm
SPAX-No. 35703503202011
EAN 4003530246968
Thread Length 35mm
Blade Size T10
Head Diameter 6mm
Total Length 55mm

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