Cork Expansion Strips

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Being a natural product, oak flooring - and indeed wooden flooring in general - will expand and contract as the seasons change. To ensure there are no issues when this expansion occurs we always recommend that an expansion gap is left around the perimeter of the room. This allows the flooring to expand into this space.

When the floor is not expanding into this space, you will have a visible gap around your room. Traditionally this gap is covered by your skirting so therefore hidden away.

There are of course situations where you may not want to remove the skirting board or simply not fit skirting at all. In both of these instances the expansion gap would be left exposed.

To combat this, our cork expansion strips can be used. These 20mm x 15mm strips simply fit into your expansion gap, providing a look that is more visually pleasing than a visible emptiness.

The great advantage of using cork strips is their soft, spongy texture. This allows your wooden floor to naturally expand against the cork when required.

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