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We've been searching for years for a better value alternative to Osmo Polyx-oil and finally here it is - Blanchon Hard Waxoil.

Blanchon have been manufacturing floor finishes, oils, dyes and waxes for over 200 years in France and have only recently started supplying the UK market.

Blanchon products are used in the palace at Versailles and have also been used to treat the wooden floors at Seoul airport, where as you can imagine, there's a fairly high footfall!

This Blanchon Hard Waxoil is equivalent to Osmo's Polyx-oil Rapid Set (drying in under 5 hours) at much lower cost to you.

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FIRST APPLICATION: 20 to 25 sqm per litre per coat.

MAINTENANCE: 20 to 35 sqm per litre per coat.


Hard Waxoil's natural finish enhances the authentic elegance of all woodwork and wood species including, oak flooring, traditional parquet floors, pine floors, exotic wood, stairs, wood panelling, furniture, sold wood items, preoiled wood floors, cork floors, worktops, etc.

Safe for children's toys and fast to saliva and perspiration according to European Norm EN 7L3

Blanchon Hard Waxoil is available in a natural matt, natural ultra matt or natural satin finish.


NO MIXING REQUIRED: Blanchon Hard Waxoil is ready to use.

Shake well before use.

Do not dilute Blanchon Hard Waxoil.

Do not apply when the temperature is below 12°C. Only use in well ventilated areas. Do not leave plants and aquariums in contact with the solvent vapours.

Hard Waxoil should always be applied in the direction of the wood grain using a brush, roller (short hair), spreader or buffing machine (beige or white pad). When applying the Natural, Satin Natural or Natural Ultra Matt finishes, buffing is not recommended in order to achieve the desired finish. This can extend drying time.

The coat applied should be very thin, around 20 to 25 sqm per litre per coat.

The wood is deeply penetrated without excess surface residue.

Wait 8 to 12 hours before applying the second coat, and proceed as for the first coat.


Remove dust regularly from waxed/oiled wood surfaces using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Stains and marks can be easily removed with a neutral detergent (using damp mops or cloths, never soaking wet ones).

Important: Wait 15 days before the first maintenance treatment to allow Hard Waxoil to fully cure.

Routine cleaning

Wipe with a damp mop using diluted Blanchon Natural Soap for oiled wood floors (250 ml to 10 litres of water).

Work on one area at a time, rinsing the micro-fibre mop or cloth regularly: it should always be well wrung out to avoid getting the wood floor too wet.

Frequency: from once a week on light-traffic floors to daily cleaning on heavy-traffic floors. Natural Soap For Oiled Wood Floors, which is 100% natural, is ideal for cleaning waxed/oiled wood floors thoroughly and boosting their protection.

Regular maintenance

After ensuring the waxed/oiled floor is clean and dust free, spray Maintenance Oil (using a hand sprayer) and wipe with a clean, dry cotton cloth to obtain a matt finish.

This operation is quicker and easier with a buffing machine fitted with a beige pad (if the floor is very soiled, a red pad may be used to boost the mechanical cleaning) or a polishing machine with 3 revolving brushes. This is then similar to a spray method: polishing is quicker and mechanical cleaning more effective.

Full use of the area: 4 to 8 hours after polishing.

Frequency: When the waxed/oiled wood floor loses its beautiful finish, generally once or twice a month.

On high-traffic wood floors, regular maintenance using the spray method may be boosted by applying a general coat of Hard Waxoil followed by careful polishing, either with a buffing machine or manually.

The more Maintenance Oil is used, the easier maintenance becomes.


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