Prime Grade Oak Flooring

Our Price
from £72.00+VAT per square metre (£86.40)
Unfinished, Unfilled
Tongue & Groove
All Sides (End Matched)
Micro-bevelled (Long Sides)
Stress Grooved
European Oak
  • Thickness
    • 20mm
  • Minimum Length
    • 2000mm
  • Available Widths
    • 120mm£72.00+VAT
    • 140mm£72.00+VAT
    • 160mm£74.00+VAT
    • 180mm£76.00+VAT
    • 200mm£82.00+VAT

Prime grade solid oak flooring offers the "perfect look" that cannot be achieved with any other grade of oak flooring.

Only a small number of prime grade boards can be produced from each tree.

These boards are uniform in colour and are free from the large knots, shakes and burrs of the other grades. Prime grade boards allow for the absolute minimum in knots and colour variation.

Prime grade is ideally suited to modern and contemporary spaces where the floor must look beautiful without distracting the eye.

In our opinion, a prime grade oak floor, with it's individual boards, provides a certain "something" that lesser oak flooring can never match.

For a sleek, minimalist look, prime grade solid oak flooring offers premium quality and outstanding value for money.

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