MS Polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive

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MS Polymer Adhesive is one of the most flexible flooring adhesives that can be used in the installation of a wooden floor to a sub floor. The product comes ready to use where it is permanently elastic and water free.

The adhesive retains a very strong final bond strength that is rapidly built up once applied.

Being completely solvent free the product minimises the risk of the wood flooring deforming.

As with all of our adhesive products, we do not recommend gluing solid oak boards that are over 120mm wide.

Technical data

Working time: approx 30 minutes at 21˚C and 50% RH

Application rate (depending on the subfloor): approximately 1kg/m2

Sub Floor: Should be applied on to an even, dry and smooth surface which is free from any irregularities and cracks. Any old adhesive remains should be removed mechanically as they could affect the adhesion. Any loose or damaged surfaces must be repaired before the adhesive is applied. Smooth surfaces such as anhydrite should be roughened and, if needed, have the top layer removed. All surfaces should have a preliminary test of an area to check compatibility.


Before use bring the the adhesive to room temperature

Apply the adhesive to the surface with a suitable v-notched trowel making sure not to apply any more then can be covered within 20 minutes

Slide the wooden flooring onto the adhesive layer and tap into place using a rubber hammer.

Adding weights on top of the oak boards will improve the overall bond strength

Wait at least 24 hours before sanding and finishing

Recommended 6mm V Notch Trowel

V Notch Trowel

V Notch Trowel

Safety Recommendations

At all times avoid any contact with the eyes and skin. Wear protective goggles to avoid any contact with your eyes, in the event of contact rinse with water and consult a doctor immediately. Protective gloves should also be worn to limit the chance of contact with the skin. Should contact occur, rinse well with soap and water.


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