Stretch Shrinkwrap Film

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Oak Flooring, and wood flooring in general, is susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature which can cause the boards to expand and contract. Typically with a new oak floor, the boards are left for a set amount of time to acclimatise to the surroundings so they are more stable once laid.

However, left under these conditions for extended periods can lead to the boards "over acclimatising" - resulting in expansion or contraction to different sizes. This can cause major issues when fitting. Our recommendation would typically be to never take a delivery of your oak flooring until you are truly ready and close to the fitting process.

In today's world we know that this is not always possible, meaning you may need to take the delivery long before required. There may also be occasions where you lay some oak flooring boards, but want to save the rest for a different area at a later date.

Our Stretch Shrinkwrap Film provides an effective solution for protecting your oak flooring from these conditions allowing you to store the boards for use later on in your project. As the wrap which we use ourselves in our own stores,  it allows you to store our oak flooring on site without the fear of the boards over acclimatising.

This shrink-wrap has been specially formulated and manufactured under close tolerances to give optimum wrapping performances with high strength and tear properties.

Thickness Range 25mu
Web Widths 500mm
Core Size 38mm I.D
Roll Diameters 100mm APPROX

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