Sovereign Sovaq Dual Purpose Timber Treatment

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The Sovereign Sovaq Dual Purpose Timber Treatment is a super-concentrated micro-emulsion for the eradication and prevention of wood boring insects as well as wet and dry rot in hardwoods and softwoods. The treatment can also be used to prevent blue stain in service.

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1 litre of concentrate makes 25 litres


The timber to be treated should be clean and sound with the source of any dampness permanently cured. The timber must be bare, with all surface coating such as paint and varnish removed. Any dust should also be removed - preferably by vacuuming.

Sovereign Dual Purpose (BPR) must be diluted prior to use. A 1 litre bottle should be diluted with water to make either 12.5 or 25 litres of ready to use solution depending on application.

Shake well before use.

Always pour the concentrate into water, not the other way round.

For best results both the concentrate and water should be at room temperature. For mixing and application the minimum temperature is 5°C.

The product can be applied by brush or spray. When spraying a low pressure, non-atomising pesticide sprayer should be used.

The correct coverage should be ensured, as application of insufficient material may not prevent future attacks. The best way to achieve the correct coverage is to make an estimate of the total surface area to be treated. The required quantity of diluted product should then be made to treat this area. This may take two applications - depending on the porosity of the timber.

When multiple applications are required to achieve the correct coverage, a drying time of 30 minutes between coats should be allowed.


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