Peak Oak Sheep Wool Floor Underlay

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Being a supplier of oak flooring, we are always looking into ways to improve our service for you. Therefore it seems only fitting that we look into ways in which you can enjoy all the comforts of life with your oak flooring

One of the key factors of modern day life is ensuring that your home is properly insulated.

This is where we come in with this SilentWool: Floor Sheep Wool Insulation/Underlay.

The 3mm thick sheep wool cushions the impact between the finished surface, of solid, semi-solid or laminate wooden floors and the concrete or OSB board sub floor.

The layer of wool acts as a way of removing contact between the two hard surfaces by creating an intermediate layer. This layer absorbs the vibrations.

This product is completely a natural product - the wool from our sheep even gets sent to them!

Technical Data Sheet PDF

IONIC Wool Protection

IONIC PROTECT is now a protected trademark. ionic protect ® IONIC PROTECT - new biocide free wool protection system.

Ecological, sustainable and durability proven!

The procedure treats the wool fibre in a plasma-ionic way aiming to protect it against all the negative influences of the building environment.

IONIC PROTECT by ISOLENA protects and sustains sheepwool insulation, acting as a natural moth repellent, it prevents the fibre from being eaten.

The performance of IONIC PROTECT has been checked and confirmed by an independent labaratory (CUAP test).

A new milestone permanently improving the quality of our 100% Pure SheepWool insulation product.


1m wide rolls and approximately 25m in length.

100% pure new sheep’s wool

Suitable for Underfloor Heating solutions

Impact and airborne sound insulation

Integrated moisture protection layer

Inherent thermal insulation performance

Durable and long lasting shape which is easy to cut

Patented insect pest protection

Patented mould and mildew protection

Technical Details

Thickness (Unloaded/Loaded): 4mm/2mm

Insulation Roll Length: approx. 25m

Insulation Roll Width: 1m

Insulation Roll Area: approx. 25m2

Insulation Roll Weight: 5.7kg

Reduction of Impact Sound: 21dB

Water Diffusion Resistance: 5.0m

Thermal Transmittance (U value): 4.3 W/m2k

Weight/Area: 280g/m2


Before installation, the subfloor should be checked to ensure that it is both clean and dry.

When installing onto a concrete floor, ensure that the surface is even and free from imperfections that could damage the floor being installed.


The SilentWool:Floor will unroll with the moisture layer on top (where fitted) by default. At the walls, the edges of the insulation should be taken up the wall by 2cm to avoid sound bridging.

Any obstacles can be cut around using a measuring tape and marking pen for accuracy

Side by side sheets should be joined using sticky tape and not overlapped to avoid an uneven finish.

The flooring can then be installed over the top

Once complete the insulation which overlapping the floor edges can be folded behind itself to further insulate from the walls

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