Coach Screws

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Made In Great Britain

Our coach screws guarantee both strength and longevity. The attention to quality means that our screws will withstand the test of time, ensuring a secure and enduring connection in your projects.

These coach screws are the embodiment of British heritage, but their applications know no bounds. Whether you're constructing a traditional timber-framed structure or embarking on a modern woodworking project, our coach screws are versatile enough to handle it all. From woodworking to landscaping, you can trust these screws to deliver the reliability and strength you need.

In addition to their remarkable strength and reliability, the coach screws boast an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Their traditional yet timeless design enhances the visual appeal of your projects, making them as beautiful as they are robust.


Uncompromising quality, made in Great Britain.

Precision engineering for reliable and secure connections.

Premium construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Versatile applications in woodworking, construction, and beyond.

Traditional yet timeless design adds an aesthetic touch to your projects.

Approximate Dimensions

1 1/2" (41mm) x 1/4" (12mm)

3" (81mm) x 3/8" (13mm)

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