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The Soudal EPR-31P is an 2 component epoxy based sealer which is both solvent and water free.

The EPR-31P works by suppressing rising damp and residual construction moisture (max 7% for concrete subfloors and max 5% for Anhydrite subfloors).

The Epoxy sealer is extremely suitable for preliminary treatment of sand or powdery (highly-) absorbing mineral subfloors such as cement bounded subfloors, concrete, calcium,-suplhate bounded (anydrite) and levelled subfloors. This sealer is also suitable for wooden subfloors, particle size- and chipboard, terrazzo, ceramic tiles and metal.

EPR-31P cures by means of chemical reaction which takes approximately 24 hours at 21°C and 50% RH. Once cured, a hard elastic and non-shrinkable film is formed, which suppresses residual construction moisture and rising damp.

Technical Data Sheet


The Epoxy Sealer EPR-31P will normally be applied on subfloors with rising damp or residual construction moisture and rising damp.

The subfloor should be even, dry, clean, smooth and free from irregularities and cracks. Any old adhesive remains may adversely affect the adhesion. This should be removed mechanically.

Calcium-Sulphate bounded (anhydrite) subfloors have to be sanded and vacuum cleaner before applying the sealer.

Before installation, the sealer should be acclimatised to room temperature.

Punch repeatedly through the plastic plug and base of the upper container which contains component B.

Allow component B to drain fully into Component A. Mix the components for at least 2 minutes. Use a variable speed electric drill with a mixing paddle attachment. To achieve a homogeneous mixture, throughly mix including the walls and floor of the container.

Always mix one package at a time (A-component + B component) - never deviate from the prescribe mixing ratio between A and B Component. Deviation of the mixture ratio will affect the curing of the sealer and the final mechanical properties.

Application must be within 30 minutes after mixing.

Do not apply the sealer at temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C

Apply the prime, undiluted from a bucket to the subfloor using either a paint roller or a brush. Do not pour the primer directly onto the subfloor - doing so could form puddles.

For very porous and highly absorbing subfloors with rising dampness, a second layer of sealer should be applied. The second layer should be applied crosswise after the first layer has completely dried. Quartz sand should be immediately thrown in after applying the second layer (approx. 2k/m2, granule size 0,3 - 0,7mm).

The epoxy sealer should now been given time to completely dry.

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