Distressed Aged Oak Flooring

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from £54.00+VAT per square metre (£64.80)


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Our Price from £66.00 + VAT per m2
Grade Character
Finish Unfinished, Unfilled, Distressed, Brushed
Tongue & Groove All Sides (End Matched)
Edges Micro-bevelled (Long Sides)
Underside Stress Grooved
Species European Oak
Thickness 20mm
Minimum Length 2000mm
Available Finishes Light Distressed, Medium Distressed, Heavy Distressed

With the same high durability and displaying the same range of knots and cracks as our standard character grade oak flooring, the distressed solid oak flooring boards appear "singed", as though recovered from a derelict, burnt building. Combined with a brushed surface texture, these boards provide a truly aged feel.

Not necessarily to everyone's taste, but in the correct environment, these boards can look very striking.

We've seen them combined with standard character grade boards to create distinct areas which does work very well.

As with all our oak flooring, distressed boards are unfinished and respond beautifully to treatment with Blanchon Hard Waxoil.

The Distressed Aged Oak Flooring is available in three levels of distressing; Light, Medium and Heavy.

Light Distressed

Light Distressed Oak Flooring

Finish Light Distressed

Available Widths

120mm £66.00+VAT

140mm £66.00+VAT

160mm £66.00+VAT
180mm £68.00+VAT

200mm £70.00+VAT

Light Distressed Oak Flooring provides the minimum in terms of distressing. The edges of the board are the main focus, with hints of the board lightly touched as well. Light Distressed is ideal for those wanting just the smallest level of distressing - adding the slightest bit of age to the floor.

Medium Distressed


Finish Medium Distressed

Available Widths

120mm £66.00+VAT

140mm £66.00+VAT

160mm £66.00+VAT
180mm £68.00+VAT

200mm £70.00+VAT

Medium Distressed Oak Flooring boards sit in the middle of our distressed oak flooring range with the boards moderately darkened to the edges and the centre of the boards.

This level of distressing allows the natural oak colour to still be seen, but in combination with a distressed effect.

Heavy Distressed


Finish Heavy Distressed

Available Widths

120mm £68.00+VAT

140mm £68.00+VAT

160mm £68.00+VAT
180mm £70.00+VAT

200mm £72.00+VAT

Heavy Distressed is the most striking in the distressed aged oak flooring range. These boards are almost completely dark in colour - giving the effect as if laid for hundreds of years.

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