Peak Oak Pure Natural Tung Oil

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Our Peak Oak Pure Natural Tung Oil is a natural hard wearing finish particularly used externally - although it can also be used for internal purposes. Tung Oil is highly resistant to water, food and alcohol once dry.

The nature of Tung Oil makes it ideally suited for just about anything - including external windows and furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, salad bowls and chopping boards (for food safety thinning is not advised). Tung Oil will dry to a natural matt finish which adds depth to the grain of the timber.

Peak Oak Pure Natural Tung Oil is non-flammable, 100% solids/VOC free and contains no additives or solvents.

Nut Allergies

The source of Tung Oil is a nut - meaning people with nut allergies have reported adverse reactions to contact with (or even the odour of) tung oil - some of which can be severe. Whilst tung oil has been used for many centuries as a finish for kitchen items - some individuals must avoid its use.


Dependant on porosity, surface texture and thickness applied - Tung Oil will cover around 10-15 square metres per litre.


Ensure that the surface is clean and dry with any dirt and grease removed with a good quality white spirit or other form of degreasing agent. Aged wood should be sanded to a smooth, clean and "bright" surface. Wipe with white spirit to remove any dust or debris.

Peak Oak Pure Natural Tung Oil is best applied with a lint-free cloth - although it may also be applied with a good quality brush. The first two coats of Tung Oil should be allowed to penetrate before adding further coats.

For new wood, Tung Oil should be thinned up to 50% with white spirit for the first two coats. This helps to aid absorption.

Tung Oil Thinner

These coats should be applied liberally and evenly. When applying with a cloth, use a circular or figure of eight pattern to work the oil into the wood.

Apply until the wood stops absorbing.

Tung Oil Application

Allow to penetrate for 20-30 minutes before wiping off any excess with a lint-free cloth - following the direction of the grain.

Tung Oil Wipe

The third and subsequent coats should be applied unthinned.

3-5 coats for both interior and exterior wood is recommended.

With no added driers at least 24 hours should be allowed between coats. A thicker coat of Tung Oil can take up to 3 days to dry.


Most knocks, minor scuffs and stain can usually be removed by gently sanding the affected area and re-applying more Tung Oil - which will blend into the original finish.

Reapplying one or two thin coats once a year will help to keep the wood looking naturally fresh.

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