Spax Wood Construction Screws

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These Spax Construction Screws are designed for exterior use e.g carports, playground equipment, pergolas, porches, bridges, bridge plank flooring, balconies.

The washer head guarantees higher beam supporting forces whilst also allowing savings with regard to piece numbers and working time.

The T-Star plus head provides a positive and secure fit of the BiT and better driving.

With no pre-drilling required (wood dependant), the point of the screw effectively reduces the splitting effect. The square end pushes aside the fibre of the wood, reducing screwing-in torque.


8 x 80mm -  0257000800805

8 x 100mm - 0257000801005

8 x 120mm - 0257000801205

8 x 140mm - 0257000801405

8 x 160mm - 0257000801605

8 x 180mm - 0257000801805

8 x 200mm - 0257000802005

Thread diameter d1 8mm
Length total Ls 80mm / 100mm / 120mm / 140mm / 160mm / 180mm / 200mm
Head diameter dk 20mm
Partial thread length Lgt 70mm / 80mm
BIT size T 40


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