Why Choose Select Grade Oak Flooring?

5th Jul 2016

As the name suggests, select grade oak flooring is a grade where only a select number of boards are deemed to be suitable. So what exactly is select grade and why would you choose it?

Select grade oak flooring slots in between our character grade and prime grade oak flooring. Whilst not as clean as the character grade, the select grade does not include as many knots as the character grade.

Boards included in the select grade are mainly clean, but with the occasional tiny knot and shake. This slightest bit of character helps to break up the floor, creating a slightly less uniform look than that of the prime grade. For those who find the knots of the character grade to be "too much", the select grade is often the perfect solution offering tighter knots. Like all of our grades, the select grade is hand selected to ensure that the grade you order, is the grade you get.

Select Grade Solid Oak Flooring

Select grade oak flooring is ideally suited for the more contemporary of spaces. The minimalist nature provides the perfect backdrop to a contemporary environment.

A popular look for those choosing the select grade is to choose a light finish such as the Blanchon Original Wood Environment. This particular finish is designed to provide protection, whilst not significantly changing the oaks natural unfinished colour. Equally, the select grade can still look just as good when coated with a darker oak finish.  In the image below, the select grade boards have been coated with the Blanchon Hard Waxoil in the Walnut finish.

Select Grade Solid Oak Floorign With Walnut Finish

As with all of our grades of oak flooring, select grade is available as either a solid oak board or an engineered oak board as well as being available in a number of different widths.

For July 2016 only, we currently have our Select Grade 140mm Engineered Oak Flooring available as apart of this months special offer. More information regarding this, can be seen by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss our select grade oak flooring with us further, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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