Special Offers

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As suppliers of oak flooring, it is important that we have all the relevant equipment necessary for the fitting process. One method of fitting is the glue down method, which involves using a suitable adhesive for full adhesion to the subfloor. For this, we only recommend the best adhesive available on the market, which forms the basis of this months special offer.

Our MS Polymer Adhesive is a flexible flooring adhesive, which has been designed specifically for the installation of a wooden floor to a sub floor. This product is supplied ready to use where it is permanently elastic and water free.  As a solvent free product, this minimises the risk of the wood flooring deforming.

For April 2016 only, we are offering 12kg of our MS Polymer Adhesive for just £41.18 + VAT + Delivery. To place your order, please give us a call on 01538 304584.