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Into 2017 we go, which means its time to kick start the new year with a brand new special offer. For January 2017 only, we are offering 18kg of the Soudal MS Polymer Adhesive MS-30 Plus for just £59.99 + VAT + Delivery.

The MS Polymer Adhesive is designed for the installation of a wooden floor to a sub floor. As one of the most flexible flooring adhesives available, this product is permanently elastic and water free. The solvent free nature of the MS-30 minimises the risk of the wood floor deforming.

Soudal MS Polymer Adhesive

This product is perfect for the glueing of our engineered oak flooring to a sub floor, but it can also be used to glue solid oak boards that are no wider than 120mm.

Included in this offer are 3 x 6kg bags of adhesive, totalling 18kg. Depending on your subfloor, this covers approximately 1kg/m2. To place your order, give us a call on 01538 304584.


Soudal MS-30 Plus Adhesive

£74.99+VAT each (£89.99)

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Peak Oak V Notch Trowel

£9.00+VAT each (£10.80)

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