Special Offers

July 2015 Special Offer: Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring 140mm/160mm Widths


When looking for an oak floor that offers nothing less of perfection, the prime grade oak flooring is simply the only option. It is the Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring which forms the basis of the July 2015 special offer.

The prime grade is truly a wonderful grade of timber.

Prime grade is reserved for the more elegant of spaces. Its sleek, minimalist nature results in a beautiful looking oak floor. Prime strays away from lesser grades which can overly distract the eye.

Each of our engineered oak boards is hand selected, to ensure that when your order a prime grade, you receive a prime grade. Like all of our oak flooring, the prime grade is 100% European sourced and 100% European produced.

These unfinished engineered boards are precision machined, to fit together with ease. The thick 6mm solid oak top layer is bonded to a high quality, Siberian birch ply-board base, resulting in a overall thickness of 20mm.

Throughout July 2015 only, the 140mm and the 160mm Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring is available for just £43.99 + VAT per square metre + Delivery. To place your order, give us a call on 01538 304584.