Light, Medium or Heavy Distressed Oak Flooring?

7th Dec 2018

Our Distressed Aged Oak Flooring is one of our more unique ranges of oak flooring - available as either solid or engineered oak flooring.

Every board in this range is graded to the character grading. This means the boards contain a number of knots of varying sizes (some of which may contain cracks or holes), colour variation and perhaps the odd shake and end crack. The distressed aged process adds an extra dimension to these boards.

Distressing darkens the natural grain of the oak floorings, providing a worn appearance. Each board also has a brushed surface texture - only adding to the aged effect.

Distressed Aged Oak Flooring is available in three finishes; Heavy Distressed, Medium Distressed or Light Distressed.

Heavy Distressed Oak Flooring

Boards which have been distressed heavily are the most striking in this range. The boards are almost completely dark in colour - made to look as if they have been laid for hundreds of years.

Heavy Distressed Oak Flooring can be finished with the Blanchon Environment to keep the same colour - or coated with a hard wax oil to truly enrich the flooring.

Heavy Distressed Oak Flooring

Heavy Distressed Oak Flooring Close Up

Heavy Distressed Oak Flooring Towel

Medium Distressed Oak Flooring

Oak flooring which has been medium distressed sits in the middle of our distressed oak flooring range. These boards are typically darkened moderately to the edges and center of the boards. This allows the natural oak colour to still be seen, but in combination with the distressed effect.

Medium Distressed boards are perfect for those wanting the distressed look, but not to the extent of the heavy distressed boards. These boards can provide the look as if laid for a number of years.

Medium Distressed Oak Flooring

Medium Distressed Oak Flooring Close Up Knot

Medium Distressed Oak Flooring Knot

Light Distressed Flooring

Light Distressed Oak Flooring provides the minimum in terms of distressing.

Generally the edges of the board are the main focus of light distressing, with sections of the board face lightly touched as well. This level of distressing provides just a hint of age to the oak flooring. Light Distressing is ideal to those wanting just the small amount of distressing to add the slightest bit of age to their floor.

Light Distressed Oak Flooring

Light Distressed Oak Flooring Close Up

Light Distressed Oak Flooring Boards Floor Brush

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