Is Barn Grade Engineered Oak Flooring Possible?

11th May 2017

Barn grade oak flooring - characterised by its high number of knots, cracks, shakes, colour streaks and even the odd hole - is for those areas where a truly rustic floor is required. Here at Peak Oak, barn grade oak flooring is available in both our 20mm and 14mm Solid Oak Flooring ranges. But what about in our engineered oak flooring range?

Grange Grade 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Standard barn grade is typically not available as an engineered oak board. This is due to its very nature of large knots and cracks. With an engineered oak board consisting of solid oak in combination with plyboard, to have this grade of timber on an engineered oak board would lead to the plyboard being exposed from above. This provides an undesirable and unsightly board. There are however ways in which the barn grade can be replicated in our engineered oak range.

One way is to opt for a filled engineered oak board - such as our Domont Rustic Engineered Oak Flooring. Whilst still exhibiting the large knots of a barn grade, the filler hides away any unsightly plyboard. This leaves an engineered oak floor which is full of character.

Domont Rustic Engineered Oak Flooring

An alternative to this, is our Montagne Grade Engineered Oak Flooring. Rather than filling the large knots, the imperfections are instead coated with a black lacquered effect. This stunning look showcases the heavy character in all of its glory. Once these boards have been coated with a hard wax oil, the effect is only emphasised.

Montagne Engineered Oak Flooring
If neither of these options is of interest to you, perhaps take a look at our next grade up - the character grade. Character is brilliant at working in just about any environment. Whilst not as heavy as the barn grade, character can be classed as the "middle grade" in terms of grading. Character oak boards feature a range of knots of varying size, which are combined with areas of clean oak.

Like all of our grades of oak flooring, we recommend that you come and see them for yourselves in our showroom. If you would like to discuss any aspect of oak flooring with us further, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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