Opaque Oil Environment - A Technical Innovation

21st Apr 2017

Priding itself as a real technical innovation, the Blanchon Opaque Oil Environment is a new product we have available in our wood finishes range.

The Opaque Oil Environment is the first water-based coloured oil - designed to protect, decorate and give a contemporary finish to old or new floors. With this product, you are able to get a uniform colouring with an ultra-matt finish - whilst preserving the wood’s natural feel and enhancing the grain.


For the application process, this is very much the same as the Blanchon Original Wood Environment. Three thin coats are required, with very quick drying times between coats. The oil can be applied directly onto prepared wood, with no need for buffing.

Currently the Blanchon Opaque Oil Environment is available in five colours; Mocha, Crème, White, Pearl Grey and Black.


To learn more regarding this product, you can visit the Blanchon Opaque Oil Environment page by clicking here.

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