Oak Flooring In A Commercial Environment

22nd Mar 2017

Oak Flooring is a popular choice among many home owners. Its easy to work with, durable and looks great. In additional to homes, oak flooring is also now being specified more and more for commercial areas. In these areas the oak flooring needs withstand all of the same problems it may encounter in a home setting, but multiplied! So what points need to be considered?

The main problem that oak flooring has to overcome is the increased level of traffic that comes in a commercial setting. With this comes an increased level of wear and tear - as dirt, stains, scuffs and marks are produced. Luckily oak flooring is very naturally very hard wearing and easy to maintain.

Combined with a hardwearing finish, oak flooring is great at coping with the increased footfall. For general day to day cleaning, dirt and marks can simply be swept or washed away. For more serious marks, these can often be sanded and recoated with your chosen finish - leaving no remnants of the original mark. Compare to to a carpeted floor, where stains are often difficult to remove and normally there to stay.

Juicy Couture Engineered Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is supplied as either solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring. The great advantage of opting for engineered oak flooring in a commercial environment is the increased stability that these boards bring. Due to their construction of solid oak bonded to a base of plyboard - this gives the boards an added stability over solid oak flooring. This makes engineered oak flooring much more suited in areas of changeable humidity - perfect for heavy traffic areas!

Legere Solid Oak Flooring

Oak flooring exudes quality. Laying a traditional oak floor no matter what environment will only increase the overall value of the project. Good quality oak flooring is designed to last a lifetime. Again, compare this to a carpet that will soon become old, worn and in need of replacement.

Like every home is different, every single commercial environment is different. Some require light colours, some require dark and some need something in-between. With oak flooring, literally whatever style you require, can be achieved. For example; in the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Colours finishing range, the colours range from whites and greys to dark browns and blacks.

As trends change, the flooring finish can be sanded back and recoated. This allows you to completely change the look of the floor, without replacing a the entire floor.

Here at Peak Oak, we have provided oak flooring for a huge number of commercial environments including; Restaurants, Pubs, Museums, Churches and Shops. You can see some of these projects in our Inspirations section by clicking here. If you have a commercial project you would like to discuss with us further, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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