"Prime Is Prime"

21st Jan 2016

One of our most commonly used quotes here at Peak Oak is "Prime is Prime" - meaning when you order Prime grade oak flooring from us, you get Prime Grade oak flooring. Sadly on the oak flooring market currently, there are a number of suppliers offering a product which they describe as Prime grade but is in fact not prime grade. With this in mind we have decided to create this blog post to state exactly what Prime grade means.

To truly be prime grade, only a small amount of prime grade oak boards are produced from each felled tree.

Prime Grade Oak Flooring

These boards must be free from any of the knots, shakes, cracks or even holes that are seen in other grades as well as being uniform in colour. This same simple rule should apply for every single board that you are supplied with in this grade. To achieve prime grade status is quite simple - Prime grade should be completely clean timber.


With sealed packs flooding the oak flooring market, more often than not disclaimers will be added to their "prime grade" flooring suggesting how some boards may in fact contain knots, shakes and colour variation. This is of course not how we would describe a prime grade floor, and is worth baring in mind when comparing oak flooring.

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