Top 10 Tips For The Application Of A Hard Wax Oil

15th Jan 2016

After laying an unfinished oak floor, the next job is to apply your chosen finish. For this, one of our main recommendations would be to use a hard wax oil. When using a hard wax oil, such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil, you can create a natural, desirable finish which is also hard-wearing. With this in mind, we have compiled list of top ten tips for the application of your hard wax oil.

Remove all Traces Of Dust and Dirt

Before you even begin to apply the hard wax oil, it is important that the surface of your oak flooring is completely clean. This means that any traces of dust or dirt should be removed. Failure to do this could cause a contamination in the oil, leaving a less desirable finish.

Ensure The Room Is At A Suitable Temperature

Hard Wax Oils should not be applied to a wooden floor if the temperature is not in a suitable range. For example; Blanchon recommend for their hard wax oil that the temperature is no lower than 12°C and the relative humidity is higher than 85%. The room in which you apply the finish should also be well ventilated.

Stir/Shake The Hard Wax Oil

As simple a task it may be, it is important that the tin is stirred and shaken well before use. This ensures that there is no separation in the tin, which could cause an uneven looking finish.

Use A Suitable Applicator

Using a suitable applicator will save you time as well as ensuring that you get the best finish possible. Our personal main recommendation would be to use a natural bristle 220mm wide floor brush. These brushes simply fit onto the end of a stale and allow you to quickly and thoroughly work in the finish across your floor.


Trial Application On An Off-cut

Before applying the finish onto your entire floor, we always recommend that you trial out the hard wax oil on an off-cut of piece of flooring. This will ensure that you are firstly happy with the outcome of the finish, but also able to practice the application process.

Being Application At The Furtherest Point From The Entrance

When applying the hard wax oil, begin at the furthest point from the entrance to your room. You should then work your way back to the door. Working this way will mean you do not need to step over wet, freshly applied hard wax oil.

Apply Thin Coats In The Direction Of The Wood Grain

The coats should be applied thinly and evenly in the direction of the wood grain. Blanchon recommend that you should have a coverage rate of 20 - 25 m2 per litre per coat.

Allow Sufficient Time For the Coats To Dry

Each coat of hard wax oil that you apply should be given sufficient time to dry as specified by your chosen manufacturer. This ensures that the finish is  given the time required to fully soak into the timber.

Cleaning Of Tools

It is worth noting that water alone will not wash a hard wax oil away. Instead a brush cleaner / thinner should be used to clean all the hard wax oil away. Allowing you to use your tools again in the future.

Allow For The Hardening Period

Despite applying all of your hard wax oil coats and allowing them time to fully dry, your finish should also be given time to fully cure and harden. The amount of time required is normally specified by your chosen brand of finish. Whilst you can still use the floor during this time, extra care should be taken in the first few days to not mark or damage the finish.

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