Insulating Your Oak Flooring

23rd Dec 2015

When in the process of laying an oak floor, one of the most common questions we are asked is what insulation/underlay should I use? Our answer is to always use something that is both natural whilst also provides effective thermal and acoustic value. This is why we only supply the sheep's wool insulation.

Sheep Wool Insulation

The Sheep Wool Insulation/Underlay can be used for oak floors which are to be laid over concrete or wooden subfloors. The 3mm thick sheep wool is designed to cushion the impact between the oak flooring and the subfloor. The layer of wool removes the contact between these two hard surfaces - which absorbs the vibrations. This underlay is supplied in 1 metre wide rolls and is approximately 20 metres in length.

For situations where you are laying an oak floor over the top of joists, we have the Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort Rolls. These are a range of grey coloured sheep’s wool thermal and acoustic insulation rolls, that are suitable for use in floor and ceiling level applications. Again these rolls provide unrivalled environmental credentials. Sheep's wool really is the "greenest" insulation product on the market.

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I have recently purchased some oak strip flooring to lay in my office. the sub floor is concrete so I will need to glue the floor, how does this work when using underlay?

James October 30, 2016 at 10:09am

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