Why Use 14mm Solid Oak Flooring?

30th Oct 2015

Choosing what type of oak flooring you should use comes down to a number of factors. For example with a underfloor heating system, an engineered oak floor should be used. Whereas over joists, 20mm solid oak flooring is often used. So why would 14mm solid oak flooring be used?

Our 14mm solid oak flooring boards are designed to fit the more challenging of locations. One of the most common requirements we find these days is customers wanting to replace a carpet which has been laid over a plywood sub-floor, whilst losing as little room height as possible. You may also find you have an area where you wish to lay a new oak floor, without removing the existing timber floor. The 14mm thickness makes this the perfect oak floor for the job, being just thick enough to provide stable flooring.

These boards are made from the same high quality European oak as our 20mm boards. Once laid, these the 14mm solid oak flooring will be indistinguishable from our 20mm boards. The 14mm is equally also available in the same range of grades as our 20mm boards.


The great advantage of being able to opt for a 14mm board over a 20mm board is the lower price. The thinner cut means we can get more boards out of the same oak butt.

Probably our most popular 14mm grade is the Legere grade oak flooring. These boards have a range of knots, cracks and shakes as well as areas of perfectly clean oak - like our character grade 20mm equivalent.

All of these boards are European sourced and European produced, and are available in our usual long lengths


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Hi, I'm looking for red oak flooring in a 14mm thickness and a 5 1/16 width. Two planks per board. Can you help me?

Bill March 29, 2017 at 7:24pm

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