What Oak Flooring Can Be Used Over My Underfloor Heating?

18th Mar 2015 @ 16:24

Nowadays underfloor heating is being fitted more and more, as a great way of bringing some added heat into your home. Typically there are two types of underfloor heating systems; water or electric.

Water underfloor heating systems consist of a series of pipes. It is there pipes that use water or a mixture of water and antifreeze as the heat transfer fluid, which is continually circulated between the floor and the boiler. Electrical underfloor heating systems consist of heat cables, which heat the room electronically.

Many are now looking to combine oak flooring with their underfloor heating system. So what oak flooring can be used over an underfloor heating system?


Underfloor Heating


We never recommend laying a solid oak floor over the top of an underfloor heating system. A solid oak floor experiencing changes in temperature or moisture is likely to encounter problems. The varying changes of underfloor heating can cause the oak flooring to contract and expand.

With underfloor heating systems we only ever recommend opting for engineered oak flooring. Unlike solid oak flooring, engineered oak boards are much less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. It is the construction of solid oak bonded to a strong, stable plyboard base that ensures this stability. Our oak flooring consists of a 6mm solid oak wear layer, which is bonded to 14mm of Siberian birch ply.


Glueing Engineered Oak Boards


From above, an equal quality solid oak board and an equivalent engineered oak board will look no different. The same range of grades are also available, meaning that whether you prefer the more rustic grades or the cleaner grades, there is an engineered oak board suitable for you.

The best method for fitting your engineered oak boards over the top of your underfloor heating system will vary dependant on the system chosen and what the manufacturer recommends. For example, in our guide showing the fitting of engineered oak flooring, the glueing method was used. This provided the maximum amount heat to travel from the pipes, through the oak floor and into the room.

If you would like to discuss engineered oak flooring and underfloor heating systems with us further, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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