How Can Oak Flooring Be Used In A Contemporary Setting?

5th Mar 2015 @ 16:43

Oak flooring can often be thought of as being very rustic with plenty of character. For the modern and contemporary settings however this look may not be suitable for all. So how can oak flooring be used in a contemporary setting?

The first, and probably most important point in achieving contemporary looking oak flooring, is the grade chosen. The grading of oak flooring refers to what is present in the oak, e.g amount of knots, size of knots, colour variation etc. Contemporary settings usually opt for a more minimalist approach, making a high number knots and cracks, unsuitable. For these situations the select grade and the prime grade oak flooring are usually the most desirable.


Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring


Our select grade oak flooring provides an almost flawless finish, but with the slightest bit of character to help break up the floor. The select grade provides the perfect backdrop to a contemporary setting, yet with the occasional pip knot or tiny crack to offer some character.

For nothing but perfection, there is the prime grade oak flooring. With the prime grade, all the boards are taken from the centre of the oak trunk. This means that only a small number of prime grade boards are produced from each tree. These boards are uniform in colour and completely free from the knots, shakes and burrs that are seen in other grades. In terms of grading, the prime offers the most minimalist and sleek look.

A further factor in achieving a contemporary looking oak floor is the width of board chosen. In general fixed width boards are used. This will provide a more uniform finish compared to random width boards. The exact width that looks best will depend on a number of factors in your environment, such as the size of the room. Make sure to choose a width of board that suits your room, for example too wide of boards in a small room can often look unsightly.


European Engineered Oak Flooring


The final important factor is the finish of the oak boards. The tone of your finish can completely change how your oak flooring will look. Choosing the right finish again depends on your personal environment. The Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Colours offer a number of different styles. For example if a lighter finish is required, there is the Weathered Wood, Old White, White and White Grey finishes. There are also a number of darker or more middle range finishes available.

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