What Are My Options With Oak Doors?

16th Jan 2015 @ 18:15

A traditional solid oak door provides something that no softwood door can ever hope to match. Oak doors create a feeling of solidity and security. So what options are available with our oak doors?

Currently we have three styles of solid oak doors available.

Our 4 ledge doors are the perfect doors for a traditional cottage or rustic barn. The oak in these doors is the same grade as our character grade oak flooring. Each door board has a traditional bead detail to one edge.

Our Yorkshire Ledged doors offer a fantastic quality door at the best value available. These doors instead consist of three ledges. Again these doors are made from the same grade of timber as our character boards.

Ledged Doors

Finally we have the Hartington solid oak door which is for those who are looking for something a bit special from their oak door. These doors have a curved, wave like feel across the front of the boards, which is ever more present upon touch.

With all of our oak doors, we have them available in an assembled form or as an oak door kit.

For those looking to save money, whilst still wanting thier home to exude quality, our oak door kits prove to be the best solution. The oak door kits come packed for you to build up the door yourself. Each door kit comes with all the screws and plugs required to build the door. Our kit form doors are available in standard widths of 2'3", 2'6" and 2'9" and a height of 6'6". None-standard sizes are also available for an additional fee.

Our assembled oak doors are equally available in the standard 2'3", 2'6" and 2'9" widths and available in none-standard widths for an additional fee. These doors are assembled by one our skilled carpenters. By opting for an assembled door, you can ensure that your door has all the correct expansion gaps, all the ledges are in the right place and the screw holes are correctly plugged.

Hartington Solid Oak Doors

As all of our solid oak doors are supplied in an unfinished form, you are able to stain, oil or wax your doors however you see fit. To achieve that warm, honey colour we recommend using the Blanchon Hard Waxoil. To keep that unfinished look, but still protect your door, we have the Blanchon Original Wood Floor Oil Environment. This oil has been specifically designed to keep the oak its natural unfinished colour. You can see a complete run down of the oak finishes available by clicking here.

With your door style chosen, you can now finish your door off with some traditional door furniture. All of our wrought ironware has been hand made, creating a luxurious, authentic, look and feel. Our full ironware range can be seen by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our oak doors with us further, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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