What Methods Can Be Used To Fit My Oak Flooring?

31st Oct 2014 @ 17:34

With the range of options available when purchasing oak flooring, comes a range of ways in which you can fit your oak flooring. The method of fitting is very much influenced by the conditions of the area. So what methods can be used to fit your oak flooring?

Secret Nailing / Secret Screwing Method

The first and probably most common way of fitting oak flooring is the secret nailing / secret screwing method. This particular method involves fixing the boards through the tongue at a 45º angle. This means any fixings are kept hidden once the flooring has been laid. This method is used for floors which are laid over joists or wooden sub-floors. This can be used for both solid and engineered oak flooring.

Surface Fixing Method

The surface fixing method is often used alongside the secret fixing method. This method involves sending a nail or screw through the top surface of the board at even spacing into the floor joists below. When nailing, a traditional floor brad is typically used and left exposed. When surface screwing, the fixings is usually hidden with an oak plug.

Floor Brad Fixing

Glue Down Method

The glue down method involves full adhesion of the oak flooring to the sub-floor. This method is typically used for installations over concrete, however it can also be used over some underfloor heating systems. For this method, it is vital that an adhesive specific to the job is used. This glue should be extremely strong but also flexible. This allows for some natural movement in the wood.

When glueing down, the sub-floor should be checked to ensure that it has a moisture content which is lower than 4%.

We only recommend glueing solid oak flooring boards which are no wider than 120mm. Engineered oak flooring boards of wider widths can be glued.

Glueing Fixing

Floating Floor Method

The floating floor method involves glueing the tongue and groove of each board together, with a PVA Wood Glue. With this method the floor has no direct fixing to the sub-floor.

The floating floor method is only suitable for engineered oak flooring. We do not recommend ever floating solid oak flooring.

If you would like to discuss what options are available to you for the fitting of oak flooring, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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