Guidelines For The Glueing Of Engineered Oak Flooring

28th Oct 2014 @ 16:54

The glueing method is one of the most commonly used methods of fitting engineered oak flooring. We used this exact method in our How To Fit An Oak Floor guide, where we took you step by step through the process of fitting an oak floor. When glueing engineered oak boards to concrete, there are a few simple guidelines that should be followed to ensure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible.

Condition Of The Subfloor

The subfloor should be checked over to ensure it is suitable for purpose. The concrete should be clean, to ensure the adhesion is not affected. The concrete should also be dry. We do not recommend laying any type of wooden flooring onto concrete with a moisture content higher than 4%. A subfloor with a higher moisture content than this will cause problems to your wooden floor in the future.

Laying Out The Boards

With the subfloor up to an appropriate standard, the next step is to layout the engineered oak flooring boards. Begin by selecting a starter wall. It is normally recommended to start on the longest wall of the room. The room should be checked for squareness, meaning adjustments can be made as necessary. When laying out the boards, at least 10-15mm should be left around the room for expansion. Where possible, the engineered oak boards should be laid at 90 degrees to the floor joists. To ensure you get an equal balance of boards across your room, you can create what is known as a Datum line. Trial fit the first few rows of the boards before proceeding with the glueing.

Glueing The Boards

When glueing your engineered oak flooring, it is important that a high quality adhesive is used. For this we recommend using a MS Polymer Flexible Flooring Adhesive, such as the Proflex.

When applying the adhesive, we recommend using a 6mm V notch trowel at a 45° angle. This ensures a correct adhesive spread rate. You should never spread more adhesive than can be covered in the time recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.

Glueing Engineered Oak Boards

Place the tongue into the groove of the planks and press firmly into the adhesive. Boards should never be slid though adhesive. Remove any adhesive from the surface of the board before it cures.

The help with the adhesion, weights can be placed over the top of the glued down boards. The adhesive should then be allowed to dry as per the manufacturers instructions.

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