What Is Sheeps Wool Insulation?

15th Sep 2014 @ 15:37

When customers purchase their oak flooring from us, one of the more common questions we are asked is what insulation we recommend. Whenever this question is asked we always give the same answer; Sheeps Wool Insulation.

Sheeps Wool Insulation is 100% natural sheep wool, making it the “greenest” choice of any insulation product on the market. The wool from our own sheep even gets sent over to help make the insulation!

As a completely natural product, the sheeps wool is not only a great form of insulation, but also a safe form of insulation.

Currently we have two different types of sheeps wool insulation available.

The first type we have is the SilentWool: Floor Insulation/Underlay. This is 3mm thick, and is designed to act as a cushion between the finished surface of the wooden floor and the sub-floor, absorbing the vibrations. This underlay has a unloaded thickness of 4mm, a width of 1m and a length of 20m. SilentWool: Floor Insulation also has an integrated moisture protection layer which is suitable for underfloor heating solutions.

For oak flooring which is laid over the top of joists or for ceiling level applications, we have the Sheep Wool Insulation Comfort Rolls. These rolls offer highly effective insulation, with greater superior thermal performance over glass or mineral wool products. A video of this particular insulation can be seen below.

If you would like to learn more regarding any of the sheeps wool insulation we have available, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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