Why Is Oak Flooring Great For Children's Bedrooms?

17th Jul 2014 @ 16:25

With oak flooring becoming increasingly popular, it has led to it being used in a much broader range of situations. Commonly used areas include living areas, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Despite this, one room still remains a question, is oak flooring suitable for a children's bedroom? We believe the answer to this is a simple yes, so what makes oak flooring a great choice for your children's area?

The first point is the simplicity to wipe away any spillages that often occur in children areas. Spilled liquids can simply be mopped away with ease. Compare this to a carpet, where spillages can not be wiped away so easily, and will often leave stains. This leads onto the next advantage, dealing with stains.

When your oak flooring is coated up with a hard wearing finish, such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil, staining is usually not an issue. For any marks which do appear, these can normally be quickly washed away with the natural soap. For more serious stains that cannot be wiped away, the stained area can be sanded away and recoated. This can be seen in more detail in our guide to restoring your oak floor finish. In the case of carpets, stains are often difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Oak Flooring In A Children's Bedroom

Oak flooring will last a lifetime, and more often than not look better with age. Despite of this, as children grow older, there will no doubt be a need to redecorate the children's bedroom. This may involve a desire to change the finish of the floor to something darker or lighter. This process simply involves sanding away the previous finish, and recoating with whatever product you see fit. With a carpeted floor, the floor will often look worse with age. To change, the original carpet would need to be removed and a new carpet refitted.

For those who suffer from allergies, an oak floor can be a much better option than a carpeted floor. If not thoroughly cleaned, carpets can harvest dust mites and particles. Oak flooring on the other hand will not play host to such things. Dust can be swept away much easier.

If you are still not convinced about the suitability of oak flooring for a children's bedroom, you can always throw a rug down to experience the "best of both worlds".

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