Newly Updated 2013 Guide To Oak Floor Finishes

2nd Dec 2013 @ 17:41

Following on from the amazing response to our guide to oak floor finishes, we have recently updated it with yet more information. In this guide we looked to establish which of the oak floor finish brands are a good investment and which of the brands are not.

For this, we began by simply applying a number of different oak floor finish brands onto a piece of oak flooring and recording the results. This included the ease of application, the texture of the finishes, the colour and the drying time. This process was repeated for all coats.

Upon returning to the boards after they had fully cured, we next took it upon ourselves to “destroy” them. This was a test to see which of the finishes were the most hard wearing and resistant to stains. This was done by applying a range of different items onto the board. These items were all the kind of things you may spill on your floor at home, including vinegar, washing up liquid and brown sauce. These were then left for set periods of time, to then be cleaned away to see if any marks remained.

 Blanchon Environment & Rubio Monocoat

As time has progressed we have come across even more different finishes and brands. With this in mind we thought it was about time we updated our guide accordingly. The first addition is the Rubio Monocoat Oil. This oil is a product which is designed to colour and protect your wood in 1 singular layer. As the only product which required a single layer, it was interesting to see how it would cope.

The next addition is a product which we have been supplying for a while here at Peak Oak. The product in question is the Blanchon Original Wood Environment. This has been specifically designed to protect your oak floor without substantially changing its natural unfinished colour.

If you would like to see the results of these new additions, or indeed information on the previously tested brands, you can do so by clicking here.

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