Can I Glue My Oak Flooring To My Subfloor?

26th Nov 2013 @ 10:31

Nowadays the installation of oak flooring can be done in a number of different ways. A solid oak floor is traditionally nailed or screwed down, with secret nailing or screwing now becoming the preferred method. An engineered oak floor on the other hand can be fitted using the same methods, as well as in the form of a floating floor. A further option is to glue down the flooring to your subfloor, as long as your situation meets the right criteria.

If you are planning on glueing down a solid oak floor, it is our recommendation that you do not opt for a board which is wider than 120mm. This is because the wider the board, the much more prone the board is to movement. This means if you glue a wider board, you are more likely to encounter more serious problems. If you want to glue down a wider oak board than 120mm, we  generally recommend engineered oak flooring.

Oak Flooring Fireplace

Unlike solid oak flooring, engineered oak is made up of a combination of layers. In our case 6mm of solid European oak, is bonded to a base board of 14mm Siberian birch ply. This construction makes engineered oak much less susceptible to movement and changes in humidity. This means it is much more suitable for a range of different situations, including the glueing of wider boards. Once laid, an engineered oak floor is indistinguishable from a solid oak floor.

The final point to note when glueing down oak flooring, is to ensure that you are using the appropriate adhesive. We always recommend using an MS Polymer Flexible Flooring Adhesive. This type of adhesive is strong enough for suitable adhesion yet flexible enough to allow the flooring to naturally move.

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