The Hakwood Unfinished Range

12th Apr 2013 @ 16:26

As you may already be aware, further to our standard engineered oak flooring grades, we also supply a large range of Hakwood engineered oak flooring. In business since 1903, Hakwood were one of the pioneers of engineered flooring and have developed a huge range of flooring. In a previous blog post we took a look at some of the many Hakwood Pre-finished styles that are available. Luckily for those who are looking for an unfinished Hakwood engineered oak floor, we have a number of grades available.

If a board full of character is what you are looking for, you need look no further then at Hakwoods - Country grade. Combining a range of healthy knots, shakes, and colour variation these boards have a very unique look to them. The character of these can look great in just about any room environment, whether it be a contemporary living space or a more traditional kitchen area.

Hakwood Unfinished

Next up from the Country grade, is the Rustic grade. Once again this grade includes a range of knots and shakes, but is also combined with areas of clean board. With a smooth and sleek look, this grade is perfect for those looking for some of the character of the Country grade along with areas of clean board.

If clean and contemporary with just a little bit of character is what your after, the Hakwood - Premier / 1-bis fits the bill perfectly. This particular grade has large areas of clean oak, with some small knots to add to its character. When fitted into contemporary settings, where a crisp finish is essential, this floor can look truly stunning.

The final Hakwood unfinished grade available is the Prime grade. This grade is for those who are looking for a surface that is both uniform and equal in colour. For rooms where only perfection will do, these boards are the boards for you.

If you would like to learn any more regarding our unfinished Hakwood range, then please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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