What Are The Alternatives To A Satin Or A Matt Finish?

19th Mar 2013 @ 17:16

In a previous blog post, we took a look at what exactly were the key differences between an oak floor which has been finished with either a satin finish and an oak floor which has been finished with a matt finish. But what are the alternatives if either of these are not to your taste?

One of the most common queries we are asked is how can I protect my oak floor whilst keeping the floor looking as natural as possible  This is where the innovation of the Blanchon Wood care products comes in with their Blanchon Wood Floor Oil Environment. Unlike the traditional hard wax oils, this product will not only protect your oak floor, but also not substantially change its natural, unfinished colour. This is the ideal product for those who prefer the natural unfinished look of their oak flooring, but are still looking for a way to protect it. Further to this natural finish, the Blanchon Wood Floor Oil Environment is also available in Rough Timber, Oak, Ultra Matt and Bare Timber. Examples of these can be seen below.

Blanchon Colour Swatch

If the natural look, the satin look or the matt look is simply not to your taste there are also a number of hard wax oil colour alternatives. Whether its a dark rustic look you are looking for, or a light contemporary look, or just somewhere in between, there is literally a colour for anyone. To see all of the different styles we have available you can view them on the Blanchon and Osmo pages respectively.

Hard Wax Oil Colours

When choosing a hard wax oil colour we always recommend that you come and see it in person, so as to get a true indication of whether it is exactly what you want. To discuss any details surrounding the hard wax oils, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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