Product Updates: Jakoti Hand Shears

14th Mar 2013 @ 15:16

"Sharp, smooth and easy to use" is how Jakoti describes their hand shears, our latest addition to the site.

Here at Peak Oak we believe that having the right tools for the job is hugely important when looking to get the job done. With our recent developments into the rolls of sheeps wool insulation, we needed to find a tool which was suitable to cut through the material. After finding scissors, pen knives and many other cutting implements were not up to the job we eventually came across the Jakoti Hand Shears.

Jakoti Hand Shears

These shears have been traditionally hand crafted from high quality carbon steel, and are the perfect tool for cutting through the sheeps wool insulation. Unlike many other cutting tools, these shears will simply glide through the sheeps wool. The handles are ergonomically designed, making them comfortable to use for long periods of time, whilst the low tension spring makes them easy to operate. Included with the shears you will also find a hand made leather holster, which is the perfect storage to keep your shears safe.

Currently these shears are available from us for just £26.00 + VAT & Delivery, so to place your order please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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We breed Shetlands and Sherino's (75% Shetland x 25% Merino) with fleeces of 17,5 micron. I shear by hand and always looking for better shears to use on fine wool. Looking at the shape I think these would be excellent for the fine wools. Do you have any experience with fine wools?
Kind regards, Betty Stikkers

Betty Stikkers October 6, 2013 at 5:57pm

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