What Is Distressed Oak Flooring?

13th Feb 2013 @ 15:36

If completely unique solid oak boards are what you are after, then you need to look no further than Distressed Oak Flooring. But what exactly is Distressed Oak Flooring?

Essentially all of these boards contain the same range on knots and cracks as our standard character grade oak flooring. These are then given the distressed look, making them to appear "singed", almost as though they have been recovered from a derelict, burnt building.

Depending on your own personal taste, the distressed look can be done in three different styles; Light, Mid and Heavy Distressed. With the lightly distressed boards, the process is quite minimal with only the edges of boards lightly undergoing the treatment. The Mid Distressed boards, as the name suggests, are distressed more than the lightly distressed boards yet less than the heavy distressed. If your looking for a board with that completely burnt out look, the heavy distressed boards are the boards for you.

Distressed Edges

Although the Distressed Oak Flooring is not necessarily to everyone's taste, in the right environment these boards can look fantastic. We have even seen these boards combined with our standard character grade to create unique, distinct areas which can work really well. When coated up with a hardwax oil such as the Osmo Polyx Oil, the results can be equally as striking, as the heavy distressed image below shows.

Heavy Distressed

If you would like to learn any more regarding our distressed oak flooring, then please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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Hi ! Can you explain how to do the black like this distressed oak finish ! all the process ...

Thanks Vince

Vince November 18, 2014 at 5:38pm

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