Calculating How Much Oak Flooring You Will Need

16th Oct 2012 @ 16:36

When planning on installing oak flooring into your home it is important to know exactly how much flooring you are going to need. Ordering not enough oak flooring will only lead to you having to order more, costing you both time and money. Ordering yourself too much will only leave you with unwanted boards.

Correctly measuring up your room is therefore an extremely important aspect before ordering your oak flooring. For a rectangular shaped room, begin by measuring the length and the width of the room. Once this is done, take the two values and multiply them by each other; which will leave you area of your room. So for example if your room has a length of 8 metres and a width of 6 metres, the area of your room will be 48m2.

Oak Flooring

For more complex shaped rooms, you should look of ways to separate the parts of the room into individual rectangles. Next work out the area of each of these rectangles. Once these have been worked out, they should all be added together which will give you the area of the entire room.

When you have worked out the area of the entire room, the final task add the wastage to your figure. We recommend at least 10% is allowed for wastage. Therefore in a room with an area of 48m2, an extra 4.8m2 should be added; meaning you will need 52.8m2 overall.

If you require any further information on how to calculate how much oak flooring you need for your project, then please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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