What Is Wide Board Oak Flooring?

1st Oct 2012 @ 12:31

Over the years styles and fashions of the flooring industry have changed as people opt for their preferred choice. In more modern interiors, a stylish look can be created using wide board oak flooring.

Wide board oak flooring is used to normally used to describe solid or engineered oak boards which are over 160mm wide. These wide boards have been cut from the centre of the oak tree. A large and old oak tree allows much wider boards to be cut from it, compared to that of a smaller and younger tree. As these trees take much longer to grow, this generally means that the wider the board, the higher the price.

Wide Board Engineered Oak Boards

Whilst looking fantastic in a contemporary setting, wide board oak flooring can be a great way of making your smaller room look bigger than what it actually is. Wide oak boards are available in all the traditional grades; so whether your looking for a board full of knots and shakes, or one which is clean and near perfection, there is always a board for you.

Whether you are installing wide boards or thinner boards, it is always important that you consider the implications of installing a solid or engineered oak floor. If you are planning to install your floor into areas of changeable humidity, such as the kitchen or bathroom, an engineered floor would be more suitable. For areas with a constant humidity, such as your living room, a solid oak floor could be used.

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