Exploding Oak Log Sculpture

30th Nov 2011 @ 12:02

Envisioned by Lausanne-based Vincent Kohler, is this intriguing oak sculpture of an exploding log. Entitled “Billion”, the piece measures at 110cm x 100cm x 300cm (43” x 39” x 118”).

Exploding Log

All of the pieces were cut respecting the laws of symmetry, which makes the whole sculpture look very appealing. Each individual layer of the piece appears to be hovering above the next, giving this idea that the log is frozen mid way through “explosion”. The project was completed by using a support which was constructed of polystyrene and resin.

From whatever angle you look at the piece, each point reveals new shapes and a new perspective into a fascinating piece. This really gives you an insight into the beauty of a oak tree, in a interesting and unique manner.

Exploding Log

Special thanks to freshome for the above images.

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