Distressed Tiger Restaurant

20th Oct 2011 @ 10:44

The Tiger Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California has been designed by ICrave and sets out to bring a minimalistic style that is back to basics. The menu of the restaurant uses simple, fresh ingredients to create a unique Japanese flavour. This idea can be seen throughout the design, as the restaurant uses few materials to create a natural and casual experience.

Tiger Restaurant Porch

The Tiger Restaurant is located on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, a place already bustling with shops, salons and restaurants all with outside seating. Originally the outdoor patio area was half the size of what it is now, meaning that the existing space allows for the design and dining experience to be connected to the surrounding street.

This outdoor patio area is surrounded completely by distressed oak planks with a natural oil finish. These planks line the walls and ceiling of the area, which is a theme that carries on through the restaurant. This acts as a method of inviting customers in to explore what is inside.

Tiger Restaurant Interior

The outside oak planks are all separated by gaps which allow, at night, the area to be illuminated with a warm amber glow. In the day time, the large opening in the ceiling allows light to pour into the space, creating an even more natural feel to the restaurant.

Special thanks to Contemporist for the above images.

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